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Photo Challenge : Selfie

Oh well, we’re the selfie couple and we’ll share our latest pics, simply being us

– SELFIECOUPLE, teehihi…

JoJo Selfie

Just did this collage few moments ago :D, we love taking a lot of pictures together…and I like putting them together in a collage or editing it, putting some quotes,lyrics or just anything that I can think of…

teenage dream

Like that pic, I made that for my instagram, using my My Phone Vortex, I used several apps to do that…I use instext, phonto, photogrid, picsart, picturesque and TextCutie, because they have different fonts and pretty unique too 😀 . Isn’t it amazing how much I can do now with just a few type or swipe of my fingers?

Anyway, I’ve been singing Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream for days now, it’s because of Daisy Valenzuela, a Filipina who was able to get into The Voice of Ireland (yey!) – I know her because back when we were 1st yr high school she sang in our room one time , ha ha so I know that she’s got a good voice , and I also remember my crush having a crush on her…hi hi – so good luck Daisy! Make the Filipino Proud!

… this is what I love about being a Filipino, although the Pinoy contestants wont win in our hearts they’re already the winner , the champion – very supportive.

– and then suddenly I thought of corruption, but I wont dwell on that.

So you guys have plans on the 14th? One man that I talked to earlier said that he has plans, because if he doesn’t have one, he’ll get in trouble , ha ha. But whatever your plans are, enjoy it…have fun, keep each other warm, ayt?


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