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Even the “best couple” (like Brangelina, oh I love them) have issues too, I don’t think that there is a “perfect relationship”, that’s probably because no one is perfect, we all have flaws,shortcomings, we commit mistakes, we might forget some “important dates” or events…but these what makes your partner as he is (or she is)

It can’t be all fun, you have to experience tears and sorrow too. There’s gotta be that something that will make you mad at each other for a while – that’s why we have kiss and make – up right? Teehihi, but that’s not the point, you know…these are the things that makes a real relationship REAL.

You know fellas, me and Mr.Parks had this issue going on for 2 yrs now, and I always tell myself that boys will always be boys, they gotta hang out sometimes, they have stuff to do on their own and sometimes that could mean not calling me or texting me for a while. This makes me so mad!

Honest to God this really irritates me, we’ve talked about this issue several times and several times I told him that I’m giving up on this issue – he can go out whenever he wants, go home whenever he wants, not call or text if that’s what he wants…because for me it feels like he’s never gonna understand that I need him to change.

So I asked myself, do I really need him to change? Is it really necessary? Or will it be better if I just let him be…will it make things more simple? 

But then at the back of my mind I am concerned, I love him and I worry about him. I need to know that he’s home safe and sound and that he’s home by the time that I want him to be home. I know that’s controlling him and for me it sorta defeats the meaning of “acceptance of your partner – as he is”.

Whenever this issue arises, I get so mad, frustrated and confused.

I guess it helps that I’m working by the time he gets home, I wont be nagging about this issue, there’s like a few hours window for me to let go of the anger…

So when I got home, saw him sleeping… I just embraced him, told him that I’m mad at him, I was so worried and I told him that I’m glad he’s home.

As usual he said sorry.

And I told him that he has to learn to understand that I care for him so much, that’s why I need for him to do this ( I just need him to call or text me where he’s at, what he’s doing and probably an approximate time that he’ll be home ) . I’m not gonna stop him from doing it, he deserves some time alone with his friends.

ACCEPTANCE , COMMUNICATION these I think are some of the  keys on how to make a  relationship work.

Talk , not yell at each other, avoid nagging (as much as possible), don’t throw things at each other. If in any case you feel like you have to yell or nag, raise your hand and tell your partner, “I need a few moments to be alone because I don’t wanna yell at you, I don’t want to say things that might hurt you or us”. For me this doesn’t seem like you’re raising a white flag. This is not a win or loose game. It should be win-win (most of the time, I guess)

If you’re really in love and you really care about that person, hurting them is like the last thing you wanna do – well actually you don’t want to do that ( I don’t ), you want that person safe all the time –  if you can be Superman for them you would, right?

So, my dear Mr.Parks I didn’t mean to tell the world about this issue, but I did.

But I know you still love me, and I love you.

TTYL fellas, xOxO

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Here We Come…

Hear Ye…Hear Ye!!!

Oh wait, this is blogosphere – it should be Read Ye…Read Ye!

Hey everyone! I’m so excited about this, I have thought about this “blog” for quite some time now, but our life has been pretty busy, not to mention the holidays…some celebration…family events…etc. I finally got the chance to do this today. Two days before our 2nd anniversary :D

In my spare time (which doesn’t happen all the time, I keep myself busy as much as possible and I don’t understand why) I would usually edit our pictures, filtering it, adjusting the tone…removing some blemish or oil in our foreheads…applying some borders…putting some icons/stickers…I would even have some love quotes on it…you name it, I have probably done it with our pics.

This Sunday is different from any other Sunday, we decided to stay at home, hang out, while I’m blogging he’s watching some anime on his phone, we’ve cleaned up or room and we’ll cook our favorite mac and cheese in about 30 minutes – that excites me more, cooking with him is something sweet and I’d like to do that until we’re older.

Anyway, here’s the 1st sweet-picquote that I will share to you all. I promise there’ll be more, so for everyone who likes getting inspired by “love” this is for all of you and I hope that our sweet-picquote can inspire people who’s waiting for that person that will make them fall in love.


“the best kind of love is with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time”

about the pic: taken sometime in February 2012, he came to visit me at home, we were hanging out in front of our house – hanging out meaning talking, playing games in my laptop (ours now), listening to music and taking pictures. I honestly love taking pictures, I even call myself a narcissist, hihi, and he’s been supportive with that, eventually he learned how to like taking pics of ourselves.

about the quote: I don’t take credits for that, I just saw/read it in, and I can certainly relate to that. We were classmates from 4th to 6th grade, he was actually my crush when were on 5th grade (he doesn’t remember that) and I never thought that we would end up as a couple. We had a reunion in 2011, that was the 1st time we meet again after how many years (I don’t know, he he), I wasn’t paying attention to him that time because I was entertaining some guy at that moment ( I was texting the guy that I’m dating), but then after a few days/weeks he started texting me…then he asked me if we could have lunch together…and I said yes (of course)…and that was the beginning of “selfie couple trips”.

Further explanation will be made soon as well as the reason why the title is like that, I, I mean, we have to go now because it’s time to cook.

Catch you later fellas, xOxO

: originally posted yesterday ( Jan 26 ) at my previous blog

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