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Mid of the Love Month

Hello everyone! Selfie couple here again, hopefully you guys had a lovely time during the great valentines day :), we both have work on V-day so we didn’t have a nice dinner date, didn’t go somewhere else…but anyway that didn’t stop us from expressing our love to each other. For us, everyday is like Valentines Day.

At work while talking to some clients I did ask a few of them if they had any plans for V-day, some said yes, one lady told me that she’s not sure since her BF will make decisions at the last minute, a mom said she’ll have a simple dinner at home with her husband and the kids, a guy said he doesn’t have any since he’s going through divorce ( i said woops ,sorry… he said it’s fine ), an old lady said her son & his wife will be there with her and will probably give her a rose like what they normally do – it amazes me to hear happy stories, I love love stories :).

Anyway,I got him a new watch and I’m glad he likes it, while he surprised me with something really cute :).


A pig stuff toy, named Carla from Blue Magic 🙂

Selfie Me

I asked why he gave me a pig, and he said it’s because of the pig in that Viber App that’s making me laugh whenever I watch it.

He loves it when I’m happy.

Did you get anything this love month?

well then go and share some love, it’s never too late for LOVE 🙂


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Two Years and Counting

Today, we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary as a couple not together, again. We both have work today, what’s worse is that I work at night so as much as I would like to prepare something, like a dinner or surprise him or whatever I wont have the luxurious time to do so.

But then I’m glad that I woke up beside him, he’s arms around me again (in fact even his one leg is on top of me), we both enjoyed the morning breeze, even for just a few minutes since he needed to prepare for work.

I told him thank you for 2 wonderful years and I’m always (always) looking forward for more years with him – I’d love to grow old with him, and we will. I don’t see myself living this life with someone else…everyday I think about us, as an older couple, still holding hands while walking. That’s just sweet.

Before he left he posted a video (in FB)  from our pics  with the song One and Only You by Parokya ni Edgar (one of my favorite Pinoy band). I got teary eyes while watching it.

Why? It was very touching, my thoughts were…comparing it to anybody else, like my sister for example who’s been with the same guy for almost 8 years…that was a long time already, and us, for two years only it feels like we’ve been together for like FOREVER.

This is what I needed,someone that could really grow old with me, that will never get tired of me…because this is how I feel for him.

too mushy? anyways…

He created the video sometime last week, I wish I could share it here, but I can’t figure out how to do it, he used an app or program or a system that seems complicated for me, teehihi. But the other week I made a collage, as expected, I played with our pictures again, this of course I can share with you fellas.

2013 larger

I am happy with him is an understatement. I can’t explain how I feel, I can’t seem to find the perfect words to describe how I feel right now – well maybe you can help me figure it out. How did you guys feel on your 2nd year?

 But given the chance, if we’re both not working today…here’s what I have in mind and I’m hoping that we’ll have the chance to do this soon.

Reminder: I don’t take credits for the following pics, some of them has watermarks/copyright, but the other doesn’t have…I got these from my favorite source

wish dream date

 Sunset.Beach. Dinner – nothing beats this! This is really something romantic at the same time looks a lot of fun! The 2nd pic is the best! I’d love to do that and I’m sure Mr.Parks would love that too.

couple hammock couple at sunset

 Beach + Sunset again, why is it so romantic?


 Or we could just hang-out at the park…talk…have fun…eat…anything goes.

couple ferris wheel

Ride a Ferris wheel and kiss, I think this is also romantic.


 I know it’s not yet the rainy season, but I’d love to do this too…


I think this is the best! We don’t have to go anywhere, don’t have to spend anything.just CUDDLE. Lay in our bed for hours…probably eat in our bed too, watch movie maybe…

When you’re madly in love with someone, even if you’re not doing anything…even in silent moments you feel Joy…you feel so content and you could not ask for more…

Actually I could ask for more moments like this. Teehihi

To my sweetness I couldn’t thank you enough for everything. 

I love you.

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