The Selfie Couple

Sweet Trips Of A Selfie Couple

Meet the Selfies

Hey everyone!

We’re Joenathan and Joyz Parks.


We were classmates from Grade 4 to 6, he was actually my crush when we were on 5th grade :D I actually never thought that I’ll be spending the rest of my life with someone from my childhood.

The main purpose of this blog is for us to share our selfie pics together, at the same time share some “relatable quotes” that I’ve read online or from books or probably from our friends.

We wont take credits for the quotes that I’m getting online, I’ll try my very best to at least link the quotes to the owner but if I’m not able to, let me apologize now. But please, do leave a comment or message if in any case you found your quotes here, I will be more than happy to address it and tell the world that it’s yours.

So why selfie couple trips?      –    I honestly took time to think about a good (actually I want it perfect)  blog title, I wanted something catchy, I’ve thought about selfienoy couple trips, but that was quite long. SELFIENOY – is for Selfie + Pinoy , were Filipinos, although our ancestors were from Spanish and Japanese and I think something else, I can’t remember :D.

But I ended up just using the world selfie, then the “couple”, reason is quite obvious.

Trips – well for us it has 2 meanings. Trips as in “travelling” in which we had a few already, we’ve taken a lot of selfiecouple pix of course, which we will share to you guys very very soon.

Trip could also mean something that we feel like doing. Filipinos have this expression of “trip ko lang”, for example creating this blog, if someone would ask me so why did you do this? and I am not in the mood of explaining such, I’ll just say “wala trip ko lang” [translation “nothing, I just feel like doing it].

Sometimes, we do things together because we just feel like doing it, like eating a lot of street foods (food trip), listening to music (sound trip), watching movies (movie trip or most people will just say movie marathon).

But bottom line is I/We created this blog to share our pics, the things that we do to keep our relationship strong,happy and really working. We are no love gurus, but I have read stuffs about relationships some of them worked for us, some are so-so and I thought that it’ll be a good idea to also share it to you fellas…we do hope that it could inspire you, whether you’re in a relationship or waiting for someone to grow old with you.

Created : January Twenty Seven, Twenty Fourteen.


Any sweet thoughts?

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