The Selfie Couple

Sweet Trips Of A Selfie Couple

Mid of the Love Month

on February 18, 2014

Hello everyone! Selfie couple here again, hopefully you guys had a lovely time during the great valentines day :), we both have work on V-day so we didn’t have a nice dinner date, didn’t go somewhere else…but anyway that didn’t stop us from expressing our love to each other. For us, everyday is like Valentines Day.

At work while talking to some clients I did ask a few of them if they had any plans for V-day, some said yes, one lady told me that she’s not sure since her BF will make decisions at the last minute, a mom said she’ll have a simple dinner at home with her husband and the kids, a guy said he doesn’t have any since he’s going through divorce ( i said woops ,sorry… he said it’s fine ), an old lady said her son & his wife will be there with her and will probably give her a rose like what they normally do – it amazes me to hear happy stories, I love love stories :).

Anyway,I got him a new watch and I’m glad he likes it, while he surprised me with something really cute :).


A pig stuff toy, named Carla from Blue Magic 🙂

Selfie Me

I asked why he gave me a pig, and he said it’s because of the pig in that Viber App that’s making me laugh whenever I watch it.

He loves it when I’m happy.

Did you get anything this love month?

well then go and share some love, it’s never too late for LOVE 🙂



Any sweet thoughts?

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